Kei Hannah Brodersen

Kei Hannah Brodersen is a PhD candidate at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of Law, Maastricht University. Her research focusses on the development of the criminal justice systems in post-war Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She teaches European cooperation in criminal matters and international criminal law at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law. Hannah is a member of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN) and the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research. She is co-editor of the newsletter of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights. Besides that, she is the legal research co-editor of Accountability Unit, a human rights NGO which advances gender based rights in conflict settings. Previously, Hannah has worked as an assistant lawyer for the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. She is the project manager of the InAbsentiEAW research project.